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thanks for this tip, i thought it was automatic. It’s ok @Curve_Joel with the @Daddykay tip

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Hello @Curve_Joel

I sent card images to the email about a year ago and a few months later they were finally available in the app.
Only unfortunately they disappeared again a few months ago. What can I do so that they are reactivated?


Hey @berndy2001, it’s great to have you back on the Community again! Have you flagged the problem to the customer experience team since these card images disappeared?

Hello @Curve_Joel
Not yet, but your question suggests that I should.

I did the same.
They send me social form and nothing for past 6 months :frowning:

Hey @berndy2001, the customer experience team can provide a process to follow to get new card designs added to our system. I’ve spoken to the customer experience team on what this process is so I can provide it here to speed things along instead.

To submit a card design for use in the Curve in-app wallet please follow these simple steps:

  • Take a photo of the bank card’s design, making sure to cover all identifying information other than the first 6 digits of the BIN.
  • Email the card to (this is a restricted access email account, set up specifically for this purpose). Make sure to send the first 6 digits of the BIN alongside the image too in case this isn’t clear in the image.
  • Our team will then create the card image for you and add it to the app ASAP!

@Dzienisz, please feel free to pop me a PM and I can check how far along the process the team are with creating your design for you. :grin:


  • Our team will then then create the card image for you and add it to the app ASAP!

I’m not sure about that. When I’ve submitted images, 6-12 months is about how long it takes for them to be available.

The last image I submitted was a LLoyds Bank Cashback card back in August of last year - still nowhere to be seen.

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Hey @thecremlin, since the team handling asset generation for new card designs aren’t part of the customer experience team they often won’t troubleshoot issues with submitted designs with the user submitting them which can result in these delays.
Please pop me a PM with the details sent to the email and I’ll check this with the team to see if I can resolve any problems with them so we can get this design in the app ASAP. :+1:

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Hi Joel,

can you help me too?

I’ve sent two emails to that address, the first about 1 year ago, but I haven’t received any feedback yet.

Thank you.

Hey, it’s great to see you back on the Community! Have you already been in touch with the customer support team to check on this issue for you? :grin:

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Hey, thanks for your reply! :grin:

I’ve never thought to write the support for an image but if it is necessary thanks for the advice, i’m going to write them.

Thanks for doing that @j.biondi97 and please feel free to share your experience of this here as this will be helpful feedback. :grin:


Pictures sent more than a year ago… It seems like no one cares…

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Sorry to hear you feel that way, Nicola. Have you been in touch with our customer experience team to ask about any possible issues experienced by the team with creating these assets for you?

Yes and only got brush off emails…

In that case, please feel free to pop me a DM with more details so I can check this for you.

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Sent :sunglasses: Let’s see

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Hi guys!
My card image is finally avaiable!


Happy days! :raised_hands:


I have renewed faith, so I re-re-re-resubmitted the card image again :slight_smile:
Crossing my fingers! :crossed_fingers: :grin:

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