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Thank you for sending us the card imagine and apologies for the delay. We will do a new batch of them starting today!


I’ve personally gone to the trouble of sending a email to the dedicated email address to get the card images updated as they were wrong, that was about 6 months ago. It’s still wrong. :man_facepalming:



That’s my Virgin Money CC (not yet added to app’s gallery):

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Thank you for posting this, can you please request for the card image to be added by sending an email to In the email please upload an image of the card showing the first 6 digits (the card’s BIN) and hiding the rest of the long card number, this will allow us to identify all cards of this type. Our team will then be on the case to add this image to the app :hugs:

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While I remember the App (Android 2.7.5+20705) has various card images for Tandem credit cards showing twice/duplicating on the change image page.

Thanks for telling us :blush: This has been passed onto the Product Team, they will be able to look into why this is happening :face_with_monocle:

Why not give us an option in the app to upload our image for every card we want.


Hey, This suggestion is a great one! I’ve now forwarded it onto the Product Team who love to hear feedback from customers. If you have any more suggestions please keep them coming, it is great to find out what customers would like to see from Curve :blush:

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Hello Helena and Marie,

I guess we were already in contact through the app when I asked to the design that is already in your system for newer VISA-cards of the Bank DKB ( to be extended to older bins, as I received a replacement card with new design and old BIN (obviously).

The first reply of your colleague A*** F. replied that I should send a photo of my card.
I complained about this reply, as the design is already in your system.
The you (I assume) replied that you will have a look into it.

Now your colleague J******* replied again, rephrasing my request correctly, but still insisted I send a photo of my card to your service team, who then will make the card image within the next few months (yes, plural).

He apologised that the reply took so long, as you are receiving lots of requests.

I honestly have to state that it does not wonder me, that you have lots of request. when your system is clogged by those request.

You already DO have a correct design for your cards in your digital system. You only have to assign this to the other BIN as well. You can check on that they are issuing everything in the new design.

You already offer several designs for the old BIN (like DKB Hilton Honors, DKB student VISA etc.), so you could well enough add the new option.

I asked J******* to escalate this to the management level because there clearly seems to be a faulty process here. “Send me a real world photo of a design we already have!”—

I am looking forward to your reply
Kind regards

Hey @didi :wave: The process of adding a card design involves matching the design to a specific BIN. When asking you to provide an image of the design it is not only to recreate the card design in the Curve app but to also have evidence that this BIN is matched to the correct design.

To confirm have you managed to send an email containing an image of your card design displaying the BIN?

If you haven’t yet please send it to :email: The team will then be able to add the image and ensure it matches the BIN of your card. Once you have sent this in, the correct design will be added to match the BIN.

In the email, you can also say that the design already exists, this way it will be known that a new design doesn’t need to be created from scratch.

Hope this helps explain the process :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, how long will it take for a design to become available. I sent out couple of emails within the last few months, after months, none of them are available in the app.

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It can unfortunately take quite some time. I’ll check in with the team so see if there’s a new batch that will be added in the near future.

I am waiting since last January…

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Im also waiting since December 2018, February and March 2019

They have more than 100 employees but seems nobody has time to add the new designs

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Could you let us know which BIN and card image you are waiting for?

@surfinwaikiki @Rouzane

They are 416535* and 514897* and 409636*

I’ve sent you PM


Same here for a long time…

459997*, 424586* and 428164*

Thanks for your feedback

Why not let people to upload their own images in their app locally (not server side)?

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