Card images

Fantastic idea!

You can vote for that here:

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Would it not be easier to add an option to take a picture of our cards rather than everyone sending in their card pictures?


Some images of cards issued by banks in my country are wrong or out of date.

I should take a picture of my own card or send image from bank website?

Bank website and Xpay has the best quality and much easier for the designers
Don’t forget to add the bin

Hi Marie,

can you update the card image for the BIN 535590*

Thanks and Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

If you haven’t yet, please mail the correct/new image to

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I’ve sent an e-mail 2 months ago. But thanks.

As my previous post would it not be easier to add the option for us to take a picture of our cards at least the front so the picture is relevant rather than generic and possibly the wrong picture.

As my previous post :wink: you can already vote for that here:

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Ahh ok. I had not seen your previous post

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Finally after kinda 6 months some of my design popped up. Happy and satisfied but the process should be definitely faster.


Totally agree, I’m waiting for more than a year now for some of my designs

Think putting a list of the design that will come up next would be a great point of start .
Don’t get why this is not doable. Would be a really nice tool to use and keep track of the updates :slight_smile: Hope someone can consider it.

Agreed. It would be good to see a list. And notified when one of your designs appear in the app. I’ve only noticed new designs on a couple cards recently, but one that I submitted first has still not updated. It’s been just over a year since I submitted that request, and re-submitted again recently in case it got lost.

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I added my new revolut visa infinite card to curve and it showed up as a credit card.
Also the card image represented by one of the six main templates that curve provides, no choice for the real one.

Please send an email with the card image and BIN to so that we can add it :slight_smile:

@Curve_Aleca @Curve_Marie @Curve_Helena @Curve_Josh is this idea not applicable to maybe a page of the community as you do for the monthly updates?

Monese card image is outdated in Curve app. You can see current design(s) in Monese website or here ->

Please send the correct image and bin to