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While waiting for submitted images to be processed and added, it would be nice if we could have more choice of generic card images. Being able to pick any colour would help a lot. Right now I have to use the same generic image for multiple cards which makes finding the right card not as intuitive as it could be.

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Also I would like to get why is taking so long to create designs for cards. Is that lack of employees or ? Because even assign a design to a bin will not take that much time IMHO

The images need to be sanitized by a graphic designer. Possibly there is also a legal aspect - the card design may be copyrighted.

Monese card image is fixed now. :heart:
You can go to settings for specific card and “change card image” yourself. Maybe it was there even before I complained, I never looked in “change card image” section :open_mouth:

Other digital wallets use actual card designs, so I don’t know about copyright…

3 card images I submitted made it into the app. Took 2 months.

In some cases has been taking years. The process must change :100:%

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They only support Revolut Metal Black but Revolut has many Metal colors. It would be easy to change colors and have more options in the app, but this is ignored.

I don’t have a black card, yet I can only select a black Revolut Metal card. It is annoying.

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Heya, BIN 542402 belongs to Revolut but isn’t classified as this within the app (although it works). You can’t set the Revolut Card image to that card BIN in particular.


I did email support about this. “They will pass it on”

So watch this space I guess.

I also have the same problem.

In 10 months the issue is not resolved.

Same for the new visa metal cards 459664 image is generic and not the correct ones.

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Last month I’ve requested to add this Openbank eConmerce prepaid MasterCard image with BIN 5558 9000:


What’s the current status?

@Curve_Marie BIN 476358 is Plutus card, whose image is available on other BINS, but not for this.

Could this please be updated?

Can the Revolut card images be added for BIN 5354 5637 please? Thanks!

Edit: sent a capture of the card in Apple Pay to

Is this thread monitored?

I doubt it. Your best chance is to send new card images to and make sure to include the BIN.

Don’t hold your breath, some images I submitted were added after 3 months, one after 9 months, and some I submitted almost a year ago haven’t appeared in the app yet and maybe never will.


Email sent

Don’t hold your breath. I sent some NatWest images 12 months ago and still the old ones are used.

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