Card images

Submitted an image on the 25th of March and it’s already available in the app in perfect quality. :clap:t2:

If you want to make it happen faster, submit and image with the best possible quality. I sent a screenshot from Apple Wallet, for example.


Ocean credit card

That image above disappeared and was changed to the Post Office card and then that image disappeared. I’ve emailed them.

It would be great to add your own images.

Curve has been a great device for me so far.

Wonder why My Ocean credit card has changed to Postoffice image since when this happend?:relaxed:

New First direct MasterCard debit cards are detected as Amex for the image

Sent my request for WISE business card to be added month ago and nothing.

Disappointing that everything in Curve takes so long to action.

Today, i can see card image for german Diners Club Vintage is implemented. :relaxed: :+1:


This is how Curve displays my Chase card

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Mine is like this

Did you just add it recently? I added mine shortly after launch

Yes, I added mine to Curve last week.

I guess I am going to remove and add back.
Edit: I have used the change image option and chose the Chase image. It wasn’t there previously when Chase launched