Card is not working since 01.02

Hi there,

since 01.02.2021 my curve card stopped working no matter which underlying card I use. Additionally I made some back in time transactions aroud this time and despite having been charged on the newly chosen card I haven’t received any refund on the old card. The transactions are now not pending but resolved visible in the history so it is not the issue with the pending status. Support is not responding-I have tried emailing them and chat also. No reply.

Assuming you started mailing them yesterday give them a little bit more time to reply.
You can check on Twitter (@AskCurve) if your mail reached them in good order.
If you did a GBiT transaction on the 1st of February it can take few more days to show up on your original card, depending on the ‘bank’ of the underlying card.

You should see the refund appear on your original payment card statement within 1-5 working days.

thanks for reply! Hopefully I will get my money back. The worrying issue is that the curve card is still not working. Waiting days for support with not working card is not great. I do not use twitter to follow up on my emails

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Did you tried pin&chip method? Its possible something happened with contactless chip. Happened to me year ago. Curve sent me new card.

Yes - i have tried pin and chip. All types of trnasactions - pin and chip, online, contactless. Weird.

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Small update. Some transactions for go back in time now arrived. But still card is not working for new transactions. I called the number listed on the card but after asking me all kind of questions they said to wait for support email reply. The support replied after the call that they are looking into it and that’s it. Card still doesn’t work. How is it possible that card seized to work without any warning and the support is not replying?

Now the end of the story. Card is still not working but I decided to close Curve entirely due to lack of support. Since 01.02 I emailed them several times, called the number listed on the card and even ask for response on Twitter in the end. All I got was the message that they will contact me as soon as possible. This is unacceptable. The support is a travesty.

I have the exact same problem with the card, with BIT working but all transaction rejected (contactless, pin, online, with all my 5 underline card) and no one answer my tickets from 2021/02/01, I am really frustrated with the situation

I have just received the confirmation that they cancelled my account on my request. At least I have got the proof of cancellation. They did not bother to reply to the situation that caused cancellation - that is out of the blue non working card.

Im waiting for reply since 22.01 so… Also my card still didn’t arrive which was ordered on 16.01 so it’s gonna be 3 weeks…

Nothing unusual these days I would say, not just for Curve. :face_with_thermometer:

Upgraded Swipe card few month ago and it has never arrived, their customer support had to virtually upgrade my old Swipe card which means I’ll never receive my new physical card… :dizzy_face: Also Plutus is not issuing new cards at the moment. :face_with_head_bandage: And finally, upgraded my MCO card at the end of October, at least it got shipped just today :partying_face: (we’ll see when and if I’ll actually receive it)…

Card business seems to be pretty tough from that point of view… :skull_and_crossbones:

Brexit has delayed cards getting to you so don’t worry about it companies are facing more issues now

I’ve had exact same problem with my red investor card. It just stopped working one day in January and was rejected every time. Curve support only confirmed that they’re looking into the case, but time passed without response.
Luckily I had an inactive card that was sent to me when I switched from Blue to Black plan. I’ve activated the new card and it works.
So I suggest you get a new card.

How do I get a new card? It’s the only one curve card I have

Contact customer support. :wink: