Card limits bug?

I can’t see my card’s limit… It’s a bug?I’ m pressing the button and it shows me this

This happens to new customers - I can remember it happened both to me and my wife when we started using Curve. :heart_eyes: After few weeks, you will see your real limits, don’t worry… :cowboy_hat_face:


you need to contact support. if your limits tab behaves like this probably you cannot use the card

I have contacted two times … No reply yet four days …the app showed me the card limit… Last week I had this problem

Hey …same situation here.since last week ,card seems to be blocked and Im getting the message that limits have been reached.Payments are declined and I can’t overview my card limits anymore. I’m on it ever since ,but haven’t received a reply yet.
I post a msg if any hints come in.
Stay safe

Response received… limits have been adapted , card s unlocked. Bam.

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Probably I’ll have my limits raised?

that could solve your issue as well. I might have reached the 10.000 in 365 without noticing :crazy_face: ,curve raised those limits to now 22000 . limits- overview via the app are available again.

It’s all ok as you said I reached by limits and the curve upgrade it🤗

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Hi all! My transaction was declined as I have reached my spending limits. I couldn’t find anywhere to view my limits. Also, I’ve reached out to Curve but have forever heard from them. Could anyone know how to fix it so that my payment can go through or any number I could call? It’s a pretty urgent situation :frowning: Thanks in advance!

Your spending limits can be found in the Curve app on the Account tab (under the heading Subscription) as Card Limits (see screenshot below).

Thanks for your help. Yea I do find the “Card Limits” option but upon clicking on it, it led me to a page shown in the screenshot below.

As I’m not allowed to post more than one image, here is another screenshot:

Hi people,
I have exactly the same problem, and I know for certain that I have not passed my card limits… Any solution?

It may depend on the transaction and if Curve have changed the MCC they charge your underlying card with - some cards have different restrictions (separate to the overall card limit) for certain transaction types.

I didn’t passed them too… But I was near… That’s maybe was the problem… Then they upgrade my limits and I can see them again