Card limits not working

Issue: Card is declinig payments without any logic with reason card limits has been reached. Card limits function in app (Account / Card limits) not working.

How to reproduce it:
My card is declinig payments without any logic. In some day I spend lets say more then 200 EUR without problem and second day card is declinig payments after spending 150 EUR and saying that card limits where reached, even when I try to do small payment for example 4 EUR.

If press Account / Card limits my app show just page with tabel showing spending limits (something very similar to and not my real limits.

I wrote a about it to app Help Center / Chat two times and I got no answer.

OS: ios 15.0.2

Device: iPhone 12

App version: 3.14.0 (19486)


There are not only daily limits, there are also ‘monthly’ (rolling 30 days) limits, so it’s perfectly possible that one day you can spend 200 EUR and another day you can spend hardly anything because your ‘monthly’ limits have been reached. I don’t think the problem is that the limits aren’t working, but assuming you are a new users, the problem is that your limits aren’t showing yet in the app and your limits are still relatively low. The limits not showing for new users is a known issue, check the linked topic below.

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I am using card 6 days and I spend 499,5 EUR. It looks like there is limit 500 EUR per month. How can I increase that limits? With this limit it is useless.

By contacting Curve support. As you have written you have already done so, you can ask them on Twitter (AskCurve) what’s the status of your ticket.


I have the same problem! They know this! i think it’s a bug of something.

It’s been almost 2 months since I can’t use it. I have spending limit ON buy i didn’t reach this limit!

Their support is very low. No one has been answering for 15 days…