Card limits vs Fronted limits

Ive just applied for a card (Cure black), uploaded docs for verification which eventually went through.

Does the Daily Card limit for purchases (just £500) also apply to Curve fronted?

I wanted to make a payment of c.£5k to HMRC - its kind of why I got the card…

Many thanks

Yes, the daily max limit is for all purchases combined for the day. You can spend 2x £250 or 5x £100 for example but cannot exceed £500 total for the day if that is your limit, regardless of whether it is a fronted transaction or not.

Thanks Malik. Whilst you are there - underneath my daily limit it states a £1000 for last 365 day window. Does that mean my annual limit is £1000 ? That seems ridiculously low?!

Yes, that is your current annual limit as you are a new user. This is only temporary though and after your verification completes, they should increase.