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Morning All,
Quick question… where do I see my limits please? I recall seeing a screen that shows you the card limits to your card, which looked personal to you/card. When I go to card limits in app I just get a copy of the website terms re spend limits. I was expecting something else.


You can find this in the curve app, under Account > Card Limits

In the Curve app, Account > Card limits > See details

Thanks @Dann and @JesusM.

@JesusM that is what I’m expecting to see. The image I attached was taken from account - card limits today…

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I think someone had that problem before, try to force closing the app and even reinstalling it. If not, you will need to contact support.

Still missing the exchange rate limit

Contacted support, re-installing didn’t resolve

You need to contact support, it’s not a bug related to the application itself, it’s a problem linked to your Curve account.

Drop them a message to or try to create a ticket inside app, I’m sure they will solve this ASAP for you. :smiley:

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