Card locked, zero information. I’m shocked

Hey guys

Curve locked my card almost a week ago. No explanation, nothing, just locked it down after one of transactions.

Support is beyond joke. Historical messages are not saved, click on „Report a problem” everytime gets you to an empty chat screen, so you wonder if the request even went though.

Got an auto email from Curve saying they’re seeing big volume of tickets. I.DONT.CARE.

This is shocking to me. I would quit this pathetic service on the spot, but I’m waiting for a refund on a card. I’m not sure if the refund will go through if the card is locked.

PLEASE let me know what can I do.
Curve - take a class from Revolut. They would NEVER allow this to happen, keep people non-informed after blocking the card and let the unprofessionalism going on. You guys have a long way to go.

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Have you tried calling them (number on the back of the card)? That’s probably the quickest way to escalate.

I do remember waiting 3 months (with lots of chasing) to get Revolut to unlock my account once so i’m not sure I’d hold them up as a great example though!

This goes straight to an answerphone.

Bizarrely, the only successful way I have had of contacting them has been via email.

And yes, Revolut, Starling and co are all more than happy to lock your card and deny you access to your account for months, because their fraud algorithm told them to and the 2 members of staff they employ there work their way through the caseload.

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And blocked card again.
When i want to pay in my daily restaurant… rejected.
Try to pay online in Amazon… rejected.
Only think that i have done was paying a friend yesterday (to try if it works) and cancel today.
What kind of joke is this? :triumph:

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