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I have recently started to use Curve and I consider it a great idea that worth it’s money. Unfortunately, I only used the card for 2-3 days and it seems I have one problem after another.

In my second day of using the card I got my card blocked for the first time. It was strange, but I contacted the Curve support and in 1 hour my card was good for use again. I said, fine, it’s just a hiccup but 2 more days passed and my card got blocked again. This time I received an email stating that the risk engine has detected some unusual activity on my account and that I should confirm everything is fine and the transactions are genuine. I did this 3 days ago and wrote to the customer support several time but got no answer.

Is this something usual for Curve? Anyone else confronted a similar problem and if it happened, did it solve or this will keep happening often?

I have used curve for 1-2 years

I dont have these problem you explain

Same here, nor my wife does. :cowboy_hat_face: It must be some problem with you as new customer in connection with some not-so-known merchants, probably. :man_shrugging: It should improve over time… :hourglass_flowing_sand:

Hey! Welcome to the Community! So when it comes to newer users, our risk engines are slightly more sensitive, as we don’t quite know your spend history yet. Once you make some small transactions to safe merchants, our system recognises your pattern and will react less to your usual spend. I hope this helps!

Also, I’ve bumped your support request with our team. They’ll reply ASAP, thanks for waiting! If you’re still concerned about this, please do let them know and they can take a look into your account.

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It seems it has nothing to do with a risk engine, Curve just doesn’t seem to like the fact that I have a large volume of transactions at one merchant and I get the cashback :frowning: Pretty much I’d say cashback it’s only an offer to make you pay for the service, but not getting the perks if it’s not in their advantage. I’m disappointed

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Hey! Curve is designed for day to day spend at shops and online retailers, so multiple transactions to the same merchant can sometimes flag up our risk engine. As you continue to use Curve and our system picks up on your spending habits you’ll find your card will work more seamlessly for all your transactions, including the one’s you’re due to receive cashback on.