Card Management Ideas

In result of addition of displaying card balances I started trying link my accounts and I found the experience not pleasant in case of Lloyds Bank, quite nice in case of Tesco Bank. But my outdated cards lead me to a few ideas:

  1. Notify me about expired cards and group them as expired at the bottom of the list
  2. Add ability to jump into card settings from the list by long touch, not it switches active card what’s annoying as to change card settings or remove I need to change activation again
  3. Add ability to update the card with new details if the card is expired, now need of addition of new card and removal of old card demands too much effort - simplification of the process would improve UX, especially as new card lands in the end! Moreover it seem when the new card has the same number it cannot be added until original is removed.
  4. More than one account can be linked to the same card… I don’t think that’s correct.
  5. Display the link to the account on card settings screen
  6. Halifax Clarity Card issues this year cannot be scanned is it has number printed at the back