Card not added, contact card provider

Hello guys,

I just recently started using Curve, and it’s been quite useful for me. Although, I’ve stumbled upon this… bug? or whatever. At first I added my curve card to my iPhone without any issue, could use my phone to pay and thats a whole new world opening up for me.

But after I upgraded phones to the new iPhone 12 Pro Max I can’t add my curve card to Apple Pay/Wallet anymore. Doesn’t work on my Apple Watch either. The message I get is “Card not added, contact card provider or try again later”.

Now, I’ve contacted Curve Support atleast twice by email/request, tweeted them and DM’ed them on Twitter but no answer. This sucks as Curve is a good app that helps users use Apple Pay/Samsung Pay when their bank doesn’t let them. Especially in these trying times of the Covid I feel it’s better to use my phone/watch to pay instead of physically using my card.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and resolved it? I’ve seen some posts about the same problem but nobody seems to have a fix.

Please help :slight_smile:

Hey, is this for Apple Pay?

There’s a known issue that stops some cards being provisioned.

Can I ask is the curve card the first card you’re adding to the 12 pro max?

If it is, try add another card, and go into

Settings > wallet & Apple Pay > shipping address

Make sure that the address is correct, and then try add it via the settings menu, rather than the wallet or curve app

If that doesn’t work, try switch to your curve cash card, try adding (will probably fail) and then back to a payment card, and try again after an hour or so.

This worked for me

Yeah its for apple pay or wallet. I’m gonna try adding it via settings as you said. I also got a mail back from support finally and they’re also working on the issue I guess. I’ve tried adding another card before and that didnt solve the issue either. I’ll update if it works.

Just tried the settings thing but I don’t have the shipment address option :thinking:

Have you got another card added to Apple Pay on your iPhone

Check the address heading here;

I don’t have any other cards thats why I started using Curve to begin with. Nothing works, tried relogging AppleID, tried using a different phone but nothing works with Curve. No reply back from support yet.

this happened to me two weeks ago. eventually I added my card to Apple Pay manually on the Apple Pay app by filling out the card numbers. Maybe this would work for you as well? (try to avoid adding card via Curve app. that’s how it worked for me)

Yeah I tried everything. Forgot to answer here, my problem was that since I ONCE wrote my CCV/CVC incorrectly Apple Pay blocked my card from being added :joy:

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