Card not arriving!delivery issues

I joined curve and ordered the curve card 40 days ago.
after requesting a change of address my curve card never arrived despite assurances from the team that the new address has been registered!
I have contacted them twice since and each time they said the card appears to be lost in the post and has been reissued.
Last contact with them was 2 weeks ago and my card hasnt arrived yet!!! Its been 40 days total and i still haven’t got my card!! this is frustrating. I am ordering the card to paris.

Anyone else had that issue and ideas on what to do about it!

Hey @Leopolddaher, welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear we’ve not been able to get your card to you. If your card has been reissued twice due to being lost in the post, we may be able to send it via tracked delivery for you. Could you open a new support ticket in your app or contact us at so we can look into doing that for you? :grin: