Card not in my name

I have had an email from curve saying I have a card on my account, not in my name the problem is the curve account is in the name of Russell Chesters the card they are referring to is in the name of R Chesters. I have emailed them to say it is in my name being a different format. but all I got back was about the Ts and Cs saying I can’t have a card, not in my name anyone else had this problem and was it resolved? As the card in question is the main payment card I use if I had to delete it there is no point in me paying for my metal subscription.

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All I can suggest is emailing customer service again and explaining to them that’s how your bank formats your name on your own card.

Thanks for your question.

P. S. Please keep us informed of how things are going.

Did you type “R Chesters” when you added the card to Curve? I mean, they say it’s not in your name (even if it is) based on what you wrote there, so based on that little difference, or because they can in some way get to obtain the name registered with a linked card regardless of what we write when we add the card?

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Sorry I added the card 8 months ago and can’t remember but would think I typed R Chesters as that is what it says on the card

Ok, I think it’s because of that then.
It’s crazy how Curve gives you the freedom to edit that field but then they demand that it corresponds to the name in Curve. Just make it not editable.

It reminds me of this story: Card suspended - curve’s support never respond - #9 by nekorb

In that case, the user did use a card in someone else’s name and did type another name even though they should have known it was not allowed, but still, why allow them to write someone else’s name if that’s not allowed? Make it make sense.

In your case it’s not even another person, it’s just the way the name was shortened on the original card which leads to a partial match and now you have to be bothered and have to deal with the support (and they don’t even seem to read the logical answer you have given, by replying in a copy-paste way as robots). When you add a card the name field should not be editable.

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