Card not supported messages when paying contactless

For the last week I have been having issues with contactless card payment. Its intermittent, works fine once then for the rest of the day I get the message “card not supported” from the contactless payment machines. I have updated and reinstalled my app but still get the same issue.
As this is intermittent I can’t reproduce it at will.
I’m using this on a Samsung Smart Watch 3 and Android.

Anyone else had the same problem?

When are you experiencing these issues, only when using the card directly or only when using the watch NFC or on both occasions?

Samsung Smart Watch 3, so that’s Wear OS, so Google Pay and not Samsung Pay, right?

Are your app notifications enabled? If yes, what is the message from the Curve app when you have the decline? If no, please enable, because in cases like this it might tell you why the card is declined.

In which country are you living?