Card not working in cyprus and no support from curve

I have curve metal and it seemingly is not working in cyprus.

All of my payments have been failing for the past week, when they go through first time using the same card direct.

Seemingly i cannot even make subscription payments and alike in the uk either, its like the card has been blocked completely!

Ive tried toggling the ‘lock’ in the app, no joy.

Its a complete joke that there is no way to get support direct, i’ve been sending support requests through the app all week, haven’t had a single reply or even acknowledgement my message has been received.

Please sort it out curve, have someone contact me to get this card working again, how can you be running a consumer facing service like this but provide no support at all!

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Hey @oldtrack sorry for missing your post! We don’t have access to your account here on the Community so unfortunately we can’t see why you’re getting declines.

The support team are getting a lot of messages right now so they’re taking a bit longer than usual to reply. If you’re still waiting on a response I’d recommend sending a DM to AskCurve on Twitter or calling the number on the back of your card!

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