Card not working via contactless


The I have the standard card and it’s stopped working with contactless. But works if inserted or if used through nfc(Google pay)have I reached a limit or is something wrong with my card (no visible damage or bends.

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You might have reached your contactless Curve card limit (GooglePay contactless does not count towards this limit), but you should be warned with a notification from the Curve app about this. Are your Curve app notifications enabled? Check the topic below:

And the following help page on SCA:

You should be able to reset your contactless Curve card limit by using CHIP&PIN. So if you have done a CHIP&PIN transaction, but still are not able to pay contactless with your card on the next transaction, the NFC-chip of your Curve card might actually be broken and I guess it’s time to contact Curve support to ask for a replacement.

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