Card only worked for 2 payments and now getting declined everywhere

i’m not asking for myself (as i’m a happy legacy black user and never had a problem) but for a friend i invited. (tho i didn’t get the 1% for a month - but :man_shrugging: )

He added a (virtual) card to his curve. And it worked for 2 NFC Payments below 50 Euro.
Then later he added his golden advancia and another (virtual) card as he upgraded the card.

But since then all transactions - no matter if nfc or not nor if over or below 50 Euros are getting declined on dealer side. Also via Apple Pay it didn’t work.
Tho at least on the the order shows up and he is getting their cashback. And a few minutes later the purchase amount is sent back. (but he can keep the cashback)
For the advancia it just getting declined but no purchase to see there.

In the meanwhile the physical was delivered and when he told me about the problem i was trying to make sure everything is set up right and we together deleted the virtual (with same number but different exp. date) and added the physical. And i made sure international usage in is on.
But a the local Aldi the card was declined. While directly using the worked.

Then we also contacted the support about a week ago - but no response.

What could the problem be?
Is it still needed to activate the Curve card by putting it to an ATM once?

Check international usage for the crypto card is turned on via the crypto app

I made sure it is turned on.
And as he also said (not tested by myself) the advancia golden mastercard also doesn’t work.
I’m relatively confident that the problem is on curve side.

You will need to email to resolve this it seems.

hmm… thnx. Let’s see how to do this.
As he barely speaks english and needs my help to translate but lives 2 hours away.
And we already tried it via in app chat + the web formular but no responce in 1 1/2 weeks on in app chat and 4 days via web form.

Let’s see how it is via Mail…
… was hoping it was something simple i just haven’t thought of.

you definitely need to make a chip+pin transaction with the physical curve card

Ah great - that is easier than asking the support.

Gonna tell him.
Tho he said he tried that too.

My card was working perfectly with my Halifax account then suddenly started declining every transaction inc cash machine and online.
Tried contacting support 3 times but no response. I’ve invested in Curve and now can’t even use my card???

Is the support even existent?
He tried via mail 6 days ago and webform 10 ago.

Chip+Pin was also not same behavior.