Card payment required telephone authorisation

Regular Curve user here without issue since January 2018.

Used my Curve Card to pay a bill in restaurant tonight and was referred by card terminal to call for authorisation.

I’ve never had this with any card I have ever had. Does this mean there is a problem with my card ?

That’s interesting. I would suggest contacting or sending a DM on Facebook or Twitter so the team can review why this may have occurred. It could be a result of your underlying payment card putting a block on Curve transactions but the Support will have more visibility.

Thanks for the reply.

I have used the Card again today with the same underlying payment card and it has worked fine, so who knows ?!

I have messaged support and they requested some clarification from me which I sent.

Just had a response from Support saying that the transaction has been successfully processed. I have used my card since then without issue so putting it down to a blip.

Ironically, I am now more disappointed with the 6 day response time, especially as a Metal cardholder.

Glad to see you’re all sorted!

You can vote for the idea that Metal card holders get Priority support here: Premium Support for Metal

If enough people make noise on that post, it’ll no doubt get implemented!