Card processing

Hello I would like to know if the payement processing is done by the card or is it curve processing the payement on behalf of the card ?

The latter. Curve works a lot like PayPal but in a quicker way. PayPal pays for your stuff for you but then issues a direct debit for the money a few days later. Curve does this in a matter of seconds so it pays for your item(s) first then immediately requests the money from your bank/credit card company. (No direct debit needed)

That’s it in layman’s terms, it is slightly more technical then that but that’s it in a nutshell.

Thank you very much , very helpful

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Direct debit? The most usual way of paying with PayPal is having PayPal charge a card, exactly like curve

There are two ways as 1st you can have your card registered on the site and you can also have your bank account registered as well. I have both.