Card Registration

Hi All!

I’m trying to register a new card on Curve (generic mastercard MBNA) yet the Curve app keeps failing, anyone else had this issue?

I come to authenticate the card and get booted out back to the ‘all cards’ part of the app.

Any ideas?

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I’m having the same issue, new MBNA card.

It asks for cvc number, takes a sec to load the verification page from MBNA then backs out.

I’ve tried this on 3 different android devices, and even managed to quickly click the verify link and verify in MBNA app but by then curve is not waiting for the reply and it fails :expressionless:

Mbna said no blocks or wierd business from their end, they just notice every verification session times out from curves end.

I was thinking of upgrading given they ar buckling the free plans but maybe I’ll just go back to using separate cards!

I’ve attempted to speak with Curve about this but of course you never get anything back, I even had a Curve update on my Android and it hasn’t fixed it.

@Curve_Joel @Curve_TCB Surely this can get looked into, the fact It asks for CVC number, takes a second to load the verification page from MBNA then backs out and flashes isn’t right and is a Curve issue.

I pay for my card and Curve can’t even get the basics right.

@admins You’ve moved this to Curve US for some reason, i’m based in the UK…

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