Card rejected at Bureau de Change

I tried to use my card recently to buy currency at a high street exchange shop (something I rarely do but I wanted some small denomination US notes ahead of a trip to Ecuador) and it was declined (twice); just wondered if there was any reason why this sort of transaction would not go ahead. It was a bit embarrassing as I only carry my Curve card these days and it was an impulse purchase.

I really love Curve and what it can do but this and an ATM transaction that failed but wasn’t refunded that I’m wrangling with is rather diminishing my confidence in it’s reliability so some reassurance would be nice!

Buying currency is one of the prohibited merchant types in the terms and conditions of the Curve card.

Thanks, good to know. I suspected something like that.

Which is a shame, and diminishes the initial draw to Curve of only carrying one card.

As much as I like Curve I would always go out with at least 2 cards. Curve still stops me from having to carry 8 cards which is great but I don’t think it is wise to solely depend on 1 card only, regardless of whether it is a Curve card or not.


I’m the same, I carry around another Debit card just in case Curve fails for whatever reason and the place doesn’t accept Credit Cards.

I would like to eventually be able to only carry Curve, but don’t think that would happen for a long time.

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Hence why I have a card registered to Google pay. My real point is that Curve should not be restricting what I spend my money on at all. If want to gamble, buy currency, I should be allowed.

No, because that opens money-cycling loopholes which probably violate some kind of terms with MasterCard in addition to costing Curve money. Otherwise, what would stop me from taking out cash with my Amex or Tandem card and simply depositing it into my account and earn 1% cashback every time I do so?

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Is there a similar rule which prohibits gambling? I similarly have been unable to use the card on the UK’s national lottery site.

I believe gambling may be allowed if you have enhanced limits.

I have higher limits (365=50k), but it still doesn’t work unfortunately.

Best thing to do… have a chat with the support team on your app, they’ll be able to give you a heads up on your limits and restrictions :smile:

There are all kinds of money cycling loopholes already, I don’t think that’s the issue here. I have a card that gives 5% cashback on everything, if I wanted I could easily extract infinite cashback without even using curve. It’s an honor system more than anything else

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I always have to carry another “credit” card beside curve because I still experience issues with curve in locations where debit cards are not used. Believe it or not, The restaurant on German trains (ICE) accept only credit cards and swipe the card, no chip reader!!!

5%? Nice! Which card is it if I might ask?


Bankintercard Gold Visa. It’s a Portuguese card

It’s this one?

But that’s just max 10€/month & 120€/year, that’s nothing for a cashback card.

Yeah, maybe not the best example for infinite cashback, but it’s free 10 Euros for 200 of spend. You don’t get a better ratio than that

There are other cards, the Cofidis card gives 2% up to 200 Euros in cashback per year and Cetelem Black gives 3% up to 100 in cashback per year in supermarkets, petrol stations and restaurants. Most people who are after cashback have the 3 of them, meaning you’re good for more than 15k a year, which is more than enough for most people as you can’t put stuff such as loan repayments, rent or utilities into credit cards. You’d only need more if you’re going into manufactured spend, which is pretty easy to do with Multibanco payments

For really infinite cashback there are some 1% cards, like the Affinity Card, Universo or the Deco card, tough this last one has a 9€ AF

The usual problem you will run into is that any transactions where you get straight money for e.g. ATM withdrawal or paying off a credit card etc. are classed as “cash transactions” and at least in the UK, they attract a penalty 3% fee in addition to not attracting cashback. Travel cards like Halifax Clarity don’t have this as that is the whole point, but they limit withdrawals per day and also don’t have cashback to begin with.

And thats why Curve was so attractive to manufactured spending users before Curve changed to passing the MCC along to the underlying card.
But there are still quite a few ways to do MS without running in the problem with cash advance fees :slight_smile:

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