Card Replacement Experience - A Quick Response

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you need your Curve card replaced, I’d like to share my experience.
I used my Curve metal at a Sainsbury’s cash point on Saturday to withdraw £50. I covered my PIN input, and nothing seemed amiss with the ATM.
At 6:45am on Monday morning, I received a notification through the app that a transaction for £200 was made at Sainsbury’s. I was at home - miles away. There was no detail about the transaction in the app, so there is likelihood it was the same machine, but I can’t be certain.
I immediately put my card on hold and reported the incident via the app. An hour later Curve replied, put the transaction on hold, and investigated. They communicated frequently and promptly.
Later that day they reversed the transaction, and advised a card will be received within three-to-five business days.
52 hours after reporting the incident, the replacement card dropped through my door.

Credit where credit is due! Well done Curve.
With all the discussion on the published features - pro and con, don’t discount the value of service. Hopefully you won’t have to have your card replaced due to a fraudulent transaction. But if you do, it is beneficial to know that these issues are dealt with promptly. I put value on that.


Hi Mike, welcome to the Curve Community!

Thank you ever so much for your kind words; they have made my day! The security of your money and maintaining a high level fo customer service are at the core of what Curve stands for and we are very happy to hear that our Customer Support team helped you so quickly.

Your feedback has been passed onto our Head of Customer Experience and Head of Operations respectively.

Have a good one!


Go team Curve :partying_face:


Definitely shows the massive benefit of instant notifications!