Card statement dates and budget management

I use my credit cards a lot as well as my debit cards and I have some ideas for features. Not all spend works like the calender months, different people have different billing dates for credit cards etc.

Credit cards
Add credit limits - I know how much I’ve spent against my limit and on what card
Add statement dates - not all credit card statements are done by calendar month so adding my billing date will tell me where my spend is upto based on my billing date and not calender month.

Debit cards
Budget tracker- Assign a monthly spend budget which the curve card will draw down against. If all I use is my curve card it will let me know how much I have left in that particular account. Allow multiple accounts.
Pay day - insert a pay day date this allows me to work pay day to pay day.

Card groupings - two groups.
1 - Cash expenditure
2 - Credit expenditure
Allow me to group cards into cash and credit therefore knowing how much actual money I have spent and how much borrowed money I spent.

Give an overview of total monthly expenditure for the calendar month and then I can go into detail by cash or card and then drill down further by card type.

If your looking for a product owner let me know :slightly_smiling_face:. Been using curve since its launch and I swear by it but it has so much potential. As a digital marketer I also know what this would enable from a marketing and analytics perspective. For the user it becomes a single point of management without ever having to leave the app and for curve you don’t need to become a bank to facilitate it.

It make sense.
Smth similar is on Revolut, except account (cards) grouping.
I think it could help people no to overspend and run into troubles.
Greetings from Budapest!

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Hey @ShadowDemon, welcome to the Community! I have to admit, this is one of the most detailed first posts that I’ve seen on here, very impressive!

I’m loving these suggestions and how you’ve addressed specifics within the idea. We’re going to take these on board and pass it directly on to our product team.

In regards to hiring, it sounds like you’d be a great fit. It’s best to keep an eye on our careers page for this as this is where all openings are posted. :blush:

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Thanks for the response, really appreciate the feedback.

Will keep an eye out on the jobs board. :smile:

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Is there any way you could work out a way in the App to adjust the 1st day of the month to coincide with peoples pay day. I get paid every month on the 25th and I can’t really use the budget function as I’ve already spent a load of money by the 1st.

Would assist people who are paid weekly and four weey as well.

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