Card stopped working in GPay (Not Contactless)

This post is not about GPay on phones with NFC contactless payments.

I had my Curve card added in Google Pay so I could use it for online via GPay for services that take Google Pay as payment method. Since I am usually logged into my Google account and its one click to pay for things online. A couple of days ago I noticed I could not longer use my card in Google Pay, I then removed the card and tried to re-add it, but it kept failing to add. Google supports says it is Curve that is rejecting the authorisation hence I can no longer use the card with GPay.

Has anyone else used their cards with GPay online payments and is it still working for you?

Although you can use the Curve card to make online payments, including the ones on your Google Account, we are not yet set up with Google Pay. This means you can make online transactions with the Curve card, but not with your Curve card via Google Pay.

Thanks @Jes for your response. As I said though, I had my Curve card added in Google Pay and I was able to make online payments via Google Pay, with Curve being the underlying card. Something has changed recently to stop this from happening. Anyways I can use Curve card directly fine.

I suspect it might be that Google Pay have changed their rules around what can be added to the wallet and as 3DS isn’t supported they now won’t allow it to be added. I’ve still got it added in mine and last I checked it was still working OK but haven’t used it in a few days (I find it handy for Chrome pre-fills)

I dont get asked for anything then add a revolut virtual card
Just work

Hi all added my Curve to Gpay early this week worked fine uptill yesterday for contact less payments via phone but not working at all today.

Any idea?
Who do i ask now?
I tried google support, curve support
Tried another card in the curve app

My card are rejected all place called google

Google drive
Google play store
Android apps
Google chrome

Google support respond
Unfortunately, your bank has not provided us with any information about the reason for the decline.

Contact the bank directly for more information. Some banks may place restrictions on card usage. When contacting your bank, we suggest that you ask if your card is also enabled for international and online transactions.

Curve support
Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately Google Pay is only available in the UK at the moment. We’re working on bringing it to other countries as soon as possible.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

Best wishes,

None seeing to know what’s going on

Hi @hup

I can’t tell from your post whether you have a UK card. If you don’t, you have the answer…:slightly_frowning_face:

Why did it stop working 3 days ago?

BIN 537590
Issuing Bank CURVE
Card Type DEBIT
ISO Country Name


And the next 2 digits are? 537590XX?

5375 9000 is UK BIN should work.
5375 9020 (for example) is German BIN, does not work for contactless (in store), but should still work on the Google pages you mention.

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And it dont work any more

Ok, so 5375 9000 or 5375 9003? Anyway both show up as an UK BIN, so should work for contactless via GooglePay.
And should also work for the Google pages you mention. Because this should work for all Curve card BINs! I have been able to add my Curve card long before the GooglePay contactless part was supported by Curve for my BIN.

Check also this post:

I hope for you this fixes itself, because I think you will have a hard time getting support from Curve on this. Because the moment you tell support you are not from the UK, their support script will tell them GooglePay is not supported for you.
But the fact your card is not working on the Google pages you mention has nothing to do with the contactless part of GooglePay (that’s only available for UK customers or actually for customers with a UK BIN).

53759000 to be correct

Yes should be able to add the card to Google drive
But no
I got an error

Hi @hup,

I will DM you regarding your decline, looks like an input error to me.

have similar issue. I added my 537590 to Gpay and I can only do online payments but somehow can’t set up NFC. It says “contact your bank”.
I removed card from Gpay, reinstalled Gpay, reentered card, deleted cache of the phone but NO, NADA, ZERO.
Any idea?

Curve only support google pay contactless payment in UK

If you are from UK contact there support

Since when? It worked jsut fine 10 days ago in Slovenia, and Austria and Italy.
Is this on google? They playing god again?


so some Google mumbo jumbo to limit us from using Gpay where it’s not offical