Card suddenly declining everything!

My card was working perfectly with my Halifax account since July then suddenly started declining every transaction inc cash machine and online.
Tried contacting support 3 times but no response. My usual Halifax debit card works fine.
I’ve invested in Curve and now can’t even use my card???

Hi @Mdsremos,

Can you lock your card for a few minutes and unlock it?

Curve’s Fraud Detection might flagged your account or did you reach your Curve Card limits? (Account > Limits)

Please give the Curve Support 24-72 hours to reply to your ticket.

Now my cards being declined and I cannot talk to anyone to resolve… nothing to do with Lloyds as money all within accounts. I’m guessing this is a Curve-issue as it was working 5 hours ago… declined twice so far. No further info as you will see from the transaction decline screen, it wants me to ‘contact support’ for more info… who aren’t there.

Same thing has been happening to me for a couple of weeks now. All of my transactions are being declined, even though there is money on those cards. Occasionally one of the transactions manages to get through, even though 5 or 6 more of them are still getting declined at the same time. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern regarding the spending amount either.

Contacted Curve through mail and told them about it. They said that it was my Curve limit being reached, even though I am nowhere near the yearly, let alone daily spending limits. They also wanted me to verify myself with my ID and/or other documents, which is kinda weird, considering that I have been with them for a pretty long time already. After asking for more info they haven’t contacted me back.

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