Card Verification Loop

Issue: Card verification process fails due to impossible loop

How to reproduce it: Add card (may be only a subset of cards - e.g., Lloyds - affected?) then attempt to verify card. App asks for CVV code; enter CVV code; app loads in-app verification page from issuing bank; however, as soon as page loads (within 1-2 seconds, before you have chance to even start the bank’s verification process), the app (without any user interaction) returns to the screen asking for the CVV code; cycle continues until verification attempt limit exceeded and card is automatically removed.

OS: Android 12

Device: Sony Xperia 10 III

App version: 3.27.1 (32701000)

Screenshot: No meaningful screenshot possible - pretty self-explanatory!

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Same issue here, Halifax Cashback Credit Card.
Also Android 12, Oneplus 9 Pro.

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Same here MBNA I just replied to another MBNA specific thread but it’s Lloyds Banking group.

This must be something recent though, I have 2 other Halifax cards registered less than 6 months ago and they work.

I also tested to see if other cards work, registered revolut and Monzo just fine.

MBNA support say it’s getting a timeout message from curve. Curve support are so slow though it’s taking days to get back to me with just “add and remove card” but they finally said it’s being investigated (specifically for my case)

Fyi I also tried on 3x android devices, op 8 pro, s22 ultra and a Huawei tablet all the same

No surprises, but having the same issue with my MBNA card. At least I know I’m not alone in this now. Here’s to hoping they get this fixed soon. With the lack of AmEx support as well this card/system is becoming less and less beneficial and not really seeing the point of having it.

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Thanks all - like @jpwarne says, it’s actually a relief knowing that I’m not alone! Took the sad decision to bin Curve after this - had another recent tech issue (still ongoing - to do with anti-embarrassment feature which just didn’t work, ironically leading to an embarrassing incident in a restaurant; which Curve are yet to really acknowledge).

I’m actually really sad about it as I was a great supporter of Curve, quietly recommending it to dozens of people. It’s a bit galling to have to go back now and instead warn people against Curve due to their complete lack of meaningful support. I’m not sure whether the business model was doomed to fail from the start or whether this is simply an example of an extraordinarily poorly run business (on an otherwise sound premise) - either way, a sad demise.

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Same. Lloyds bank credit card, Pixel 4a.

At some point I’m going to be asking the same question: why am I using this service? If I can’t add another card, why would I use Curve at all?

I’m having the same with a Halifax Casback Creditcard (Mastercard) and Xiaomi Mi 11T with Android 12

Also thinking of binning Curve now. Not angry about this but it’s just not delivering much value so any hassle is too much

I’m also expericing this issue, other user reported this is impacting android app only, as a workaround you can find an iphone to add the card to your curve app and continue to use is on your android.