Cards disappeared

I just opened my curve app - and all my saved cards are gone - asking me to add cards on the home screen
despite this i can still see all my transactions, curve rewards, account details etc
has anyone experienced this before
its just so wierd because i just went 5min before into the app to change card to a different one so i can purchase something on Amazon
the purchase was successful but when i went back to change the card - they were all missing

anyone had this happened before or knows whats going on?

It is not only you. I have just checked and I experience the same at this moment.

strange i thought their maintenance was not till Sun 17th march
i noticed that if i go into a transaction and choose go back in time - i can see the cards but not the AMEX ones anymore

Same issue here, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it keeps telling me I need to add my first card.

Same here as well, all cards gone but timeline still shows old transactions.

I had the same, but got fixed just now by updating Curve app (Android).

Curve Rewards missing though… (Reward “card” that is)

I did nothing, but my cards are back now too. And indeed rewards card missing (but in my case expired anyway).

Doesn’t stop you actually using curve, but obviously only using the card which was last linked for payment.

We are currently aware of a display issue in app affecting all customers. You can still make payments, but you won’t be able to switch cards. Our Engineering Team is working on this and will have it fixed as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

hope they fix it cz am stuck on the wrong card lol

According to this announcement Resolved: Card Display Issue and my own account, this should be resolved now.