Carousel vs grid

Any plans to offer an alternative grid view when switching card vs the current carousel? As I’ve added a few more cards recently that happen to have names at opposing ends of the alphabet it’s making for quite a bit more scrolling!


I’d like to be able to organise my cards in groups, perhaps with a favourites group as well, and the ability to hide cards I only use very rarely or not for long periods of time. Lots of room to improve here


Yes, thats the biggest downside for me as well as a beta user. With the grid view it took me 2 clicks to select a new card, 1.) clicking on gird, 2nd clicking on card.
Now it can take me more than 5 swipes + 1 click til the new card is enabled, the entire process just much more time.
Very bad when you have to switch cards several times a day :frowning:


I do miss the Grid view, and I only have 5 cards (including the Curve Rewards). Was nice when we had the option of either view.

Given the results of this poll, carousel only looks a bit crazy. Pity the person with 30+ cards!


On the beta now, I just can’t understand why they got rid of the grid. It’s driving me crazy scrolling back and forth between cards.

The app has also reorganised my cards into some random order, so I have to guess where each card is.

On top of that, it’s brought back all the cards I’ve ever added and removed as unverified cards for some unknown reason. So the number of cards is ridiculous and I have to scroll past loads of defunct cards…

Not hugely impressed. Fine, beta won’t be perfect, but why REMOVE functionality?

Actually planning to switch back to the current app if they don’t sort this soon. It’s almost unusable like this.


I’m also getting very frustrated with the carousel in the beta app and the way it spins back to what is selected when you come out of editing another card. The grid was significantly more useful.


Why have the underlying cards been shuffled? I was happy with the alphabetical order we used to have. Now it’s random and hard to find the card one wants in a hurry.

Since the rewards are returning, I have a design-wise suggestion for you: when you have more than 3 cards (actually I have 9 cards registered) it’s become annoying to switch to the Rewards and go back to the main card. So, here goes the suggestion: it would be very nice to have some easy way to switch to Rewards card and back :slight_smile: