Cash back on the cards I am using with curve

I am really interested in curve, however I am not sure how it works with the rewards associated to each card. I have different credit cards, each of them with different rewards. For instance, I have an Amex Cash Preferred which gives me 6% cash back on grocery. If I use it through curve, will I still get my 6% cash back from Amex? Do you think Amex will be able to see a specific purchase has been made in a grocery store? How does a purchase made through curve appear in a bank statement?

Yes you should still get rewards.

AMEX doesn’t currently work with Curve, but when it did in the past you still got rewards on purchases.

All transactions on curve show as normal, but prefixed with CRV* on your statement.

Curve passes the MCC code through to your underlying card, so it can see what type of transaction it is.

Not in the most recent incarnation you didn’t. You topped up a wallet with a generic top-up MCC, then purchases were made completely seperately, from the wallet balance. Amex never saw any details of actual purchases.

You’d get the basic rewards, but no extras for specific retailers/categories. Of course this is all academic unless they manage to get Amex back on board.

Curve often change the original MCC of the transaction to something else so there is no guarantee that you will get any cash back from the underlying card.