Cash charge for purchasing ISA with Curve Metal/Amazon Platinum mastercard


Does anyone know if I will get charged by Amazon Mastercard if I buy an ISA through interactive investor with Curve Metal and Amazon Mastercard? If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

I think it very likely you’ll face charges. The Amazon Platinum Mastercard is issued by NewDay who levy a 3% (min £3) fee on cash txns. Based on the MCC, topping up an ISA would be treated as cash.

Thank you very much for your reply. Do you know of any rewards cards that won’t charge for transactions like these?! I’d like to basically get a small reward(through the credit card) through funding my SIPP or ISA if that makes sense?!

Have you seen the following?

Curve will charge you for such transactions unless you have a metal card…

Thanks for reply. I am getting a curve metal card so would like to take advantage of the fronted service, however it is my understanding that curve won’t charge a fee, but credit card providers might. But there’s nowhere I can find that highlights which credit card providers do charge fees and which don’t for transaction such as paying into SIPPs/ISAs so to me unless I chance it and it’s trial and error on which I might have to pay 3% as the credit card provider might think this is a cash transaction, which make it a bit frustrating for me!

Hey guys,

@Cybergeek is right in saying that it’s quite likely you’ll be charged a fee by Amazon, but it’s dependent on the MCC. If you have Curve Metal then you won’t be charged any fees for Curve Fronted.

As you know that you won’t be charged a fee from Curve, I’d recommend contacting Amazon Mastercard directly and questioning this. They may be able to provide a concrete answer, rather than trying it out first and getting charged a fee!

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