Cash(GBP) withdrawal at UK free ATMs with a underlying Debit card

I read that there is a free limit of £200 per month and the other users also said that no limit for debit cards if the currency is the same.
My question is, how about my debit card is of a currency different from GBP/ EURO? (I know I can set the currency in app to GBP but I do not want to, I need to keep it in the original currency of my own saving account.) Does that mean there will be no specific limit in total amount but only after £600 I would be charged for FX rates?

I would be grateful if anyone using Metal/ Black card can answer this or if you are using blue card but had not been charged for FX rates please give me some hints. CS is not on duty now but I need to make a decision today. Therefore any shares of experience are welcome.

Assuming you are on Metal, that is correct:

ATM withdrawals are free up to £600 per rolling month, after which there will be a charge per withdrawal of £2 or 2%, whichever is higher.

But! Since it’s the weekend now, there will be a weekend fee, depending on the currency of your underlying card, of 0,5% or 1,5%.

Thank you! Mister. Today is the last day and a weekday, I will hurry to upgrade my card then.