Cash withdrawal, charged twice on two cards

Been using curve for a while now with very few issues

However, the other week I used my curve card to withdraw cash which I’ve done plenty of times before but this time was different.

I put the card in the atm, pin and then amount. Realised the underlying card was a NatWest card which charges cash advance fees so cancelled the transaction.

Went on the app and changed the underlying card to aqua. Withdrew the cash as normal and checked to make sure it had gone on the right card, which it had.

However, just checked now and the curve app is showing cash withdrawn from aqua and from natwest, both at the same time on the same day… Any ideas?

Email and they will help you sort this out.

Hey @rayaans, welcome to the Community! :blush: This can happen when the ATM doesn’t send a cancellation message to Curve. These type of transactions are usually reversed after 7 days (if the ATM doesn’t capture) but if you contact our support team they may be able to speed up the process for you.

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I had a similar issue recently, sent the ATM receipt to Curve and they reversed the transaction manually. Now I only have to wait for the underlying card to release the funds.
A little bit of hassle over all this but I will get sorted out.