Cash withdrawal from cash machine with Apple Pay

I am with First direct but have seen that if you bank with Barclays you can withdraw cash using Android

Their service lets you use your Android smartphone to withdraw cash from the cash machine

I wondered if Curve could make this happen for us now Apple Pay and Android users

This would then mean I can be totally careless! On long trips there still is the chance I might need cash so have to take a card with me

I already used it several times in past with Samsung Pay and Google Pay.
There is no reason not to work with Apple Pay.

Keep in mind that you need to use PIN of Curve card.

Hi @punchtownparry, welcome to the community.
I use this feature, scanning a QR code via my bank’s app and having it withdrawn. The function is called “Smart withdrawal”. There is also another mode! The ATM has the possibility of withdrawal via NFC. This means, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Did you mean this?