Cash withdrawal with Curve (Metal) with underlying DEBIT card on holiday

I have the following scenario:

Curve metal card, linked to the underlying UK based DEBIT card, the underlying card has set to JPY as the base currency in the app, then withdrawing cash from ATM in Japan while I am on holiday there.

I would assume this would work and Curve will pass on the transaction to my underlying card in JPY. So the currency conversion will be done on my underlying card’s end, not curve.

My question will then be:

  1. What is the limit for ATM withdrawal in this situation. I am using DEBIT card, not Credit Card. Does, the £200 per calendar month still apply?

  2. Will above setting works as I described? or have I missed anything?



  1. Check here - Subscriptions (fees explained there, just dont forget to choose correct plan - in your case Metal)
  2. Yes, it should work like you described!

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