Cashback 30 days only?

Hi. I just created a new account. The cashback for the Blue scheme is 30 days only now? Is that a recent ‘silent’ change? It was 90 days few days/weeks ago. Have a good weekend.

I noticed this on the 3th of April.

As I assume you already have/had a Curve account, I hope you created this new account for someone else.

Yes no worries :smiley:

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Hey everyone!

The cashback period for our Blue subscription customers has been reduced to allow the introduction and continued development of our exciting new Rewards feature. With Curve Rewards, Curve users will have a cashback experience that is more tailored to their spending and will be enjoyed indefinitely! :partying_face:

Of course, we also still see the attraction of cashback being available with specifically chosen merchants which is why we’re keeping this feature in place for our premium customers and have reduced the cashback period offered to Blue subscription users to 30 days rather than removing it altogether. This still gives our newest customers a chance to experience cashback with selected merchants so they can decide whether they’d like to consider upgrading to a premium subscription tier to enjoy this cashback without an expiry date.

I hope that this has cleared up any confusion!


Hello, yes it does thanks! Hope that the Rewards scheme will come to EU citizens quickly now?
Have a good week :smiley:


Hi @Social_Joel,

Looks like there are two Curve webpages where instead of 30 days, still 90 days are mentioned. You might want to correct that.



‘Manage your plan’ and ‘Upgrade your plan’ in the Android app also still shows 90 days, instead of 30 days, for Curve Blue. See screenshots below.

i also have the same screen

Also in the ‘footer’ of the recently sent email (which, by the way, I again and still didn’t receive) on the new referral promotion, there still is a mention of 90 days, instead of 30 days.

Hey everyone, thanks for flagging these conflicting mentions of the cashback period here.

I’ve investigated this and I can provide information on each of these pieces of conflicting messaging.

Whether the app displays 30 or 90 days of cashback for the Blue subscription depends on when the account holder created their Curve account compared to when we changed from offering 90 to 30 days of cashback. As a result, newer Curve users should see 30 days in their app instead of 90.

Our communications team have already spotted the mistake in the footer of this email and have updated the template for this footer for future emails. Nice spot though!

I’ve also flagged the incorrect claim of 90 days on those two web pages and these should be updated in the next couple of days so extra thanks for catching that. :raised_hands:

Sorry for any confusion caused by these mixed messages and thank you for raising these issues so that I could chase the relevant teams to correct this and get some clarity on the situation for you all.