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We have the curve metal and chose booking as one of the cashback retailers. How do we get booking cashback if we are paying at property and hence payment processed by property, even though we used as intermediary?

Have you used your Metal in Booking to confirm your reservation?

Are they charging it directly by data provided to them by Booking? :thinking:

Yes regarding using the metal card re: booking. On the other one I am not sure but would suppose so.

You haven’t give them the card, right?

You can’t. The card transaction has to go through as online to track the cash back.

Yes, but Booking often offer the “pay in hotel” choice too.

What if the hotel simply charge payment using directly the payment card data passed to them by Booking? No cashback?

If so, it’s absurd…

They do… but curve need to track the purchase as the merchant name of “” for the cash back to be payable, when paying at a hotel, the transaction will be as the merchant name of the hotel. If this wasn’t the case, anyone using a hotel can say they used the link…

The funny thing (to me at least…) is there still are people who “believe” in cashbacks… :smirk:

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