CashBack LeroyMerlin Portugal

I have a metal card and have LeroyMerlin as one of the cashback stores.
I made my first purchase on LM today and I wasn’t awarded the 1% cashback.
The invoice from LM appears as “BCM Bricolage SA”, probably the Portuguese company that manages LeroyMerlin in Portugal.
Anyway, one of the reasons I upgraded to Metal was because I should be able to receive cashback from LeroyMerlin purchases, which are a substantial amount every year.
Can this be reviewed, please?
Is there any way to still have the cashback from the last purchase?
Thank you.

Yes there is. Contact support.

Thank you for the info.

Just sent an e-mail. Will update this post when I have more info regarding this.

Hi, what is the name that appear in the card transaction? In my case appear “Leroymerlin [location]”, the first time that I used it was on a Saturday, the cashback didn’t appear immediately, I’ve sent a mail to Curve support and they manually add the value in Curve Cash but then finally appear the automated one. Since then I test to wait some time and the cashback always appear without my intervention but it takes 2/3 days after the transaction.

By Invoice I understand as the “invoice with vat number” issue in the sale by the seller, I din’t understand that was the “transaction” that appear in the Card

It shows “BCM Bricolage SA” everywhere: Curve, invoice from store, on the Portuguese tax site (e-fatura). It always shows BCM…

Meanwhile, I contacted Curve support via e-mail and they asked for the invoices so they can add the rewards manually. I just hope I don’t have to do this everytime…

I will update when everything is settled.

As promised, the final update:

  • The rewards were added to my Curve account. I just sent the receipts via e-mail and they manually added the rewards.
  • Unfortunately, it seems I will have to do this every time I buy at LeroyMerlin, because Curve can’t “promise” they can add BCM Bricolage SA as a LeroyMerlin alias. It’s annoying, but better than nothing…