Cashback Not Received!


Is there anyone that can help me, please? :thinking: Sent already 2 messages to support but no answers until now :unamused:

I already chose my retailers and one of them was BP and M&S. I am doing shopping in Egerton SF Connect and fill my car with petrol in BP as well. After a couple of days there aren’t any cashback in my Curve Cash Account. Nothing!!! Any idea what is happening??? Thank you for your support.

Sorry there’s nothing we can do on the forum - (or contact via DM on Twitter) is the only way to get hold of people with access to your account. It is certainly an issue that has come up before and should be able to be fairly easily resolved by support (it might just take a bit of time for them to work through the backlog).

I already contacted the support but no answers until now. It’s more than a week and until now absolutely no answers and no corrections :rage: :rage: not very happy at all :triumph: :triumph: I wonder when I start to receive my cashback :tired_face: :weary: