Cashback not registering anymore

I noticed the other day that in the ios app there is no mention of my cashback choices.

I went shopping today and cashback is normally instantaneous, but I have not received cashback for todays transactions. I used the card contactlessly as usual.

The Christmas cashback offer was for 3 months and it should be running until early March.

Is this a bug in the system, or has Curve stopped the cashback early?

Hi @breakingbad, drop a email to for cashback.

As for the screen of the shops where you have chosen the cash, just click on the “i” and click on “Curve Cash” find selected stores!


Hi, I’ve had the same issue today so I’m assuming this is a system issue.

I imagine support will be very busy today after the Apple Pay rollout so I’ll hold off messaging and see if it resolves itself for now!

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Same here - two transactions that should have cashback don’t …

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Thanks. So that’s where it went. Cashback choices are still intact.

Ehi @rgp, welcome to te community!
If you have not received the cashback, send an email to

Same here, sent a support message yesterday, still waiting on a reply.

OK now - the cashback came through about four hours after the transaction (it’s normally instant).



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Cashback (and email receipts) through after a few hours delay. Guess all of us setting up Apple Pay (myself included) were to blame. :slight_smile:

I’m on Curve Black Legacy and in the last months my cash back has stopped coming in. A support agent said that Curve Black Legacy users won’t get cash back, but I tought we were grandfathered in with 3 merchants. Have I been dreaming?

I am also on legacy Black. And the only reason I have 6 (active) cashback retailers at the moment is because of the Christmas promotion. But when the new 90 days period ends in March I will have none (active) again.
That’s because we are not grandfathered with 3 or 6 retailers.

If you have 6 retailers as a part of a promotion, shouldn’t that also be the case for me?

If you chose new ones (or reactivated your old ones) during the Christmas promotion, yes.

I tried to, but was unable to. On January 6th I sent them an email explaing the issue and was told I would not get retailers for cashback.

That doesn’t seem to be correct. You should have been able to choose new ones or reactivate your old ones.
Only part of the information that was correct is that the promotion period had already ended by then (6th of January 2020). Last day you could choose new ones or reactivate old ones was 31st of December 2019.

I will have to try once more to get them to fix it then, thank you!

I hope for you Curve support has some leeway, since the promotion (period in which you could select new retailers or reactivate old ones) is already over.

When I look back at my email dialogue with them, I see now that I first reported the issue to them at December 21st. Then they got back to me on the 25tth and said that my 90 days introductory time had expired. I have sent them an email reminding them off the Christmas promotion that was in place when I contacted them and asked them to fix the issue where I could not select any retailers and asked if they would give me an additional month as curtesy, since that is what I have lost out on by them giving me incorrect information.

Maybe you can help here @Curve_Marie?

My cashback with metal posts in the timeline but not into my Curve Cash balance.

Mycashback has not been working since the end of August. Have been told it’s an issue impacting on a small number of users and because the tech people are working on new initiatives they do not have the resources to fix it. It really is not good enough! @Curve_Marie …can you help?