"Cashback only" Plan

Hey Curve Team,

I recently signed up for your service and so far i love it.
But I would suggest a simple “Cashback only” Plan. For me, I dont need all these other extras from the black or metal plan. Plus they are really expensve in my opinion if you dont use every single features tho.

If not for free, I would be willed to pay a small amount to have cashback only (at least for three, changable retailers when not for every purchase).

Thaaaaaaank you :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the Curve Community. :wave:

It’s great to have you here.

The best thing to do is to send any feedback you have to support@curve.app, I’ll also share your post with the community manager.

I hope you remain a member of this community as that’s a brilliant 1st post and I hope to see many more from you.

All the best.


Well said, @patrice58 . :blush:


Thanks mate. :+1:

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Thanks a lot. Sure i want to be a part of this community since feedback is always helpful.


Nice initiative!


This is a great idea and thanks for the feedback, @Neeco! We always love to see big ideas being chatted about in the Ideas topic and these are passed on to our product team to be considered for future changes. :raised_hands:

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Hey. We used to get genuine cashback on a limited number of retailers we could select.

But Curve did a deal with Cardlytics which is basically a big affiliate marketing scheme made to bolt on to financial products (like Santander and Lloyds). It’s marketed to users as a “benefit” but working in the digital marketing industry I know the company well.

We’ve made a lot of sales using their platform as customers think it’s the bank providing a benefit when it’s really just the retailer/Cardlytics planning a promo ( skimming product margin and cutting a deal to target specific users) with personalised offer based using their data on the app. It reaps a lot of sales for some as it becomes more personalised and widens it’s offers based on your spending habits so you might be one of the few winners.

But getting 3% off phone contract or £10 off a £150 shop has no appeal to my spending bracket.

However, as mentioned, I’m sure you’ll find the offers become more attractive the wider you use your Curve card (and more profitable for Curve and Cardlytics).

Here’s more on what it is and why it’s such a win for Cardlytics (and sell out for Curve users)

Personally, as an investor I’m disappointed that Curve didn’t stump up and build its own loyalty proposition like Amex if it couldn’t sustain cashback (or restrict from lower tier members)… but they opted for this out of box generic solution which takes Curve users as fools eking out every inch of their financial data (within GDPR guidelines) with mostly tripe offers.

Chase UK has a much better universal 1% cashback proposition and doesn’t require anything but a relatively decent credit score to open an account.

Keep an eye out for Vitra Card… that’s currently launched in beta, or the new Apple Card, as both do the “all in one card” proposition that Curve is offering… but new into market will been generous with rewards and benefits. Not this slow downward decline of penny pinching and any attempt to monetise features so early.

The reality is if a fintech (or any innovative tech startup) has longevity it will run at a loss for years as investors will believe in the long term product.
Pushing these monetisations so early on are an indicator we’re starting to see the nearing distance in Curves roadmap (I think the rebrand started to demonstrate there’s some problems with the rudder. Who’s your audience? And what do these ads actually telling them?). Thankfully the waste of money on the out of home advertising has stopped and I don’t have to look at the stupid ads on the tube wall anymore (red/black with weird font which had some weird brothel overtures).

But to just quantify my statement about investors being happy to run tech innovation businesses at a loss for years; take Ocado for example. It’s not a actually a supermarket/grocer… it’s a logistics tech company and it only turned a profit in 2020 after being formed 20 years earlier - but the customer facing tech and automated distribution fulfilment proposition stood the test of time and investors I believe in it.
The same can be said across Amazon… heck, even look at N26 (which pulled out of US and UK markets) it’s now valued at £9b(* as 2022) and that’s not down to cheap bolt on monetisation tactics… just decent, proprietary homegrown code and in-house dev. That’s what makes a startup investable,

Good luck with finding a good “cashback” deals with Curve I hope Cardalytics makes something good pop up for you. I doubt very much Curve will be able to cut contractual ties with them and offer something in-house for many years (if at all).

In the meantime if you don’t want Cardlytics all over your data just look at you privacy settings. I personally don’t want to support this opportunistic and (and dare I say) deceptive proposition that appears to be offering benefits but is really a bog standard/run of the mill affiliate programme (but exploits our spend data).

…if you want a better affiliate deal; use a one of the grubby cash back affiliate sites like topcashback. At least you’ll get a bigger wedge of the retailers’ commission and won’t have to share your entire first party finance data with them.