Cashback suggestion - Star Alliance purchases

A killer cashback would be :

  • 3.% for purchases from Star Alliance members e.g Thai Singapore etc
    * A cashback on all purchases.

I would have good reason to pay for a subscription!

n.b percentage is somewhat arbitrary.

I doubt I am the first to suggest this.

Or 10% on all purchases.

But let’s hope you are the last?

It’s not going to happen, so you can just as well wish for a piece of the moon!

There is no general Star Alliance booking page which debits your card as merchant ”Star Alliance”. So for starters, any and all cashback would have to be agreed with each merchant individually - can’t be grouped together like that.


Pretty daft reply. You think you are having a laugh and being funny ridiculing me with " #notgonnahappen " .

Curve do provide cashback for Carrefour and Lidl, but not for Aldi or Tesco’s or Coles. So your argument saying they won’t do it because Star Allience needing separate agreements showed a lack of understanding of how it is arranged.

Call me a snowflake ( you will) . I’ll not make a suggestion because it is #notgonnahappen again

You can either categorize merchants by MCC or by name.
So when enabling cashback for the merchant “LIDL” they just put that in the list.
For Star Alliance they would need to add every airline. This would only apply then when purchasing flight tickets directly from the airline / via BSP.

All aside, 3% on any purchase without a max limit for EEA issued cards is not reasonable for any card issuer.
For consumer cards the card issuer can only charge 0.02% (debit) and 0.03% (credit), so anything more than this a card issuer loses money.

For U.S. issued cards, no problem since they dont have that (very good for the market) % limitation.

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Hi Lucas,
3% was an arbitrary figure. 1% then.
Most buy directly from the airline website nowadays.
I agree EU legislation killed off the credit card perks.