Cashback "timing"

Good evening everyone!

I’ve just upgraded my blue card to black card after two years. I’m very glad on how curve works.

I 'd like to find a solution for a small issue i found (or i think so).

I DIDN’T have activated the physical card, 'cos I havent still received that, but the virtual is already working. The first thing I’d like to try was the cashback, so I selected the 3 retailers and I made my first purchase on the selected one using the NEW VIRTUAL CARD. Some hours has passed but nope cashback arrived …

someone knows the problem and can help me out ? Maybe I was too impatient to try it and the cash back needs some extra days to be activated ?

Thank u all for answers.

See u!

When I make a purchase on one of the retailers I’ve selected for the cashback, sometimes the cashback appears in the next second, in the next hours or in the next days.

Each transaction I make with my Curve card shows “pending” on the application. Does it show you the same thing ?

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Hello @ResoluteFrenk, welcome to the community! :blush:

I asked a few questions about the time for crediting the cashback to support:

Don’t worry, you’re still going to receive your cashback. Your Curve Cash will reach your account with a slight delay due to a change in the way we process payments now. If your purchase wasn’t refunded and you notice that you haven’t received your Curve Cash within 7 working days, please let us know which transaction is in question and we’ll look into this as soon as possible.

It can sometimes take up to 7 days for the merchant to capture the funds from a transaction so this can also delay your cashback. If it hasn’t been applied after 7 days, please let us know and we’ll be happy to apply this manually for you.

In my experience, it takes 1/2 days to get credited.

Cashback does not post til the transaction is completed. So when you see pending next to the transaction, you wont receive the cashback yet