Cashback trouble with Argos anyone?

Hello guys. Has anyone else been having issues with their 1,5% cashback at Argos and the likes? I’m an original customer, prior to 2017 and therefore attract the Curve Blue 1.5% cashback. However for around 6 months, my purchase on Curve at Argos (normal high street or online, not within Sainsburys etc) haven’t automatically tracked.

Totally aware I can drop customer services an email and wait 17 working weeks for a reply, but wondered why the system is no longer picking up on these transactions and adding the cashback into my wallet?

I can see at least 1 other person with this issue when I’ve searched ‘Argos’ so would be interested in Curve learning this issue. Or have they just given up on us original customers?

TIA! :heart:

Normally this occurs when the receipt doesn’t identify exactly the full name of the merchant. One of my nominated Cashback merchants is a French supermarket whose receipts always abbreviates the name and therefore Cashback is not credited automatically. Once a month I scan those receipts, email them to Curve Support and they credit them within a matter of days (not 17 working weeks…honest!)

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