Cashback with the metal card

Hi, just keeping my questions separate to avoid mixing up topics!

I used to have cashback with my plastic card, Ive had it for years but now the section that lets you select retailers seems frozen with a ‘send message’ button that does nothing.

Its also worth noting that in the regular message curve screen, that says failed to load messages and wont let me create a new one.

How my upgrade gone wrong, or have I actually managed to downgrade some features? I thought I would be able to select 6 new retailers but Im assuming im wrong.


With the Cashback scheme, you only ever get it once as essentially a joining bonus. It doesn’t renew when you change which subscription you’re on, unfortunately.

Curve are thinking about / working on a permanent scheme, but I’m not aware of this launching anytime soon.


I am pretty sure I have been getting rewards on m,y old plastic card though, they accumulate on the ‘curve’ card in the wallet.

The help topic says ‘Users who signed up before February 16th 2018 will receive between 1-5% instant cashback every time they spend with their Curve Mastercard® at a pre-selected list of retailers.’. It doesnt mention a time limit, which is what I have been experiencing, they must have bought it in later.

Have I lost this by upgrading to metal or would it be right for the benefit to be grandfathered in if you have it before?

The old scheme for people who joined Curve before February 2018 carries through into a new subscription, but this scheme does not let you select retailers.

Can you please clarify whether you were on the old scheme, where there was simply a list of retailers and you got cashback at all of them, or the new one where you can select 3 or 6 from a much longer list?

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I was on the old scheme, it worked fine for me if that is the one that can continue.

Interesting. Have you contacted support? Sounds like something odd happened when your upgraded…

Hi @ukwizard If you are on the ‘Curve Rewards’, our original rewards programme you earn between (3-5% if you are on the metal card) cashback at the selected list of retailers which you can find on the ‘Connect’ tab in the app under ‘Curve Rewards’. On this programme, you are not able to select 6 retailers as you can earn from all of them.
Also, if you have issues accessing the app, please contact our Customer Support team via and they will be able to help you.:blush:

I was on that plan, but it looks like I might have been migrated to the new plan where you select 6 but they expire after 6 months. Could I please go back on the original plan I was on with the plastic card?



@ukwizard Our support team will be able to have a look at your account and provide more information if you contact us at :+1:

Do the curve cashback rewards only last 6 months on the metal card? Surely not.