Categories for Smart Rules

If you don’t think it will cause Amex-like trouble for you, the ideal thing for me would be if the categories and MCC codes for Smart Rules included the 5x quarterly categories of Discover and Chase cards.

I understand that when they use particular stores there cannot be a match because charges go through Curve.

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Well, the good news for everyone is anti-embarrassment seems to work. The bad news is Chase declined my first charge through Curve.

Because of the rules I have set up it does seem Drugstores is under health and beauty.

I did get a Chase card to run by manual selection. I’ll maybe try the rules once more to see if it was a fluke, if the card needs to be used manually before being used in a rule, or if the rule feature is still Beta-y.

While I fear I am talking to myself here, a restaurant rule did work and the category bonus also posted on the underlying card. Oddly it was a Panera gift card. I guess Panera sells its own gift cards. Usually when I buy gift cards it doesn’t count as dining as the restaurant site sends you to a third party.

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