Celine Dion "Think Twice"... I've been "Charged Twice"

Hello forum…

This morning I received an expected £300+ charge/debit to my Curve Card (from an online pre- order).

The charge shows once on the overall Curve timeline and once on the underlying card (Monzo). However within my Monzo app/account, the charge has been made and debited twice. Therefore almost £700 deducted from my Monzo account - both transactions have gone from pending to “cleared”.

Any ideas anyone? I have emailed Curve Customer Support 3-4 times today and heard absolutely nothing from them.

@Curve_Marie @Curve_Josh

Hey there,

did you reply with “urgent” on your support ticket?
It changes the priority of your ticket.

If its an emergency then you can call the number on the back of your card.

Thanks for the “urgent” tip. It has been sorted now.