Certain card readers not recognosing card

I’ve had an issue recently where when I inset card, I get a message “please re-insert card”.

This has happened in the London underground ticket machines and those white portable card readers.

Any ideas why this might be?

It just sounds like a bad or dirty chip.

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The thing is, it works in other readers. It’s just these 2 situations that didn’t.

There is a case, that due to security level of card it can’t be proceed it following not recognized.
happened to me with ticket box in Germany.

That’s annoying. I don’t know much about security, but the London underground is a popular place to be using cards.

@fadetoblack totally agree and it’s very strange not to accept those

It could be the machine itself or next time make sure it is fully inserted into the reader as sometimes it looks like it is but in reality it isn’t
Talking from alot of experience :rofl: